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Data Acquisition Units

Autoclave Validation

Anville Instruments provide two types of validation test sets; one using the Anville Series 825 data logger and the other with the Tecnosoft SterilProbe high temperature data logger.

The EaziVal test set includes the series 825 data logger, validation software, thermocouple probes, pressure transducer, thermocouple entry gland, dry-block temperature bath, temperature reference thermometer and pressure calibrator; supplied in a sturdy, foam-lined case with wheels and extendable handle.

The SterilProbe test set includes five data loggers, logger interface and SPD software; supplied in a sturdy, foam-lined case.

Everything is included except the laptop computer.

EaziVal series 825 test set

This test set comprises of the following:

  • - 1x Anville series 825 thermal validation interface
  • - 1x Anville EaziVal SE software
  • - 1x Ashcroft KXDHT pressure transducer
  • - 16x Anville thermocouple sensors
  • - 1x Anville thermocouple entry gland
  • - 1x Anville series 275 temperature reference
  • - 1x Anville series 300 temperature bath
  • - 1x Ashcroft PDTG3089-CP916 calibrator
  • - 1x Carry case

SterilProbe test set

This set comprises of the following:

  • - 5x SterilProbe data loggers
  • - 1x SPD software
  • - 1x Disk Interface
  • - 1x Carry case

EaziVal operator training

Although EaziVal is simple and intuitive operator training is important. Users of the EaziVal system can be trained at the Eastwood Park Training Centre in Falfield. Please note that operator training is not included as part of the test set.

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